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Aura The Smart, Portable Personal Scanner

Innovative AI Technology forenhanced scanning performance

Aura The Smart, Portable Personal Scanner



Innovative AI Technology forenhanced scanning performance.

See the Aura in Action

An Elegant Desktop Piece of Art

Unique Design | Solid Unibody Construction | Made of Aluminum | Stylish Metallic
Finish | Precise Computer Numerical Control (CNC)












Scan All Types of Documents, Especially Thick Books, With Ease

The Aura scans flat single pages as well as bound books and documents simply and easily.
Its revolutionary “Book Curve Flattening” technology solves the problem of having to unbind books before scanning.

Proprietary Technology: Exclusive Ingenuity + AI Algorithm

CZUR’s Proprietary “Book Curve Flattening” technology utilizes three precise laser lines for incredible scanning accuracy and image clarity.
This gives the Aura the ability to scan and exactly replicate the individual flat pages of curved books.
AI technology incorporated in the software makes scanning and image processing smarter and simpler.

High Performance Spec ensures Exceptional Quality

14 megapixels camera for superb image quality | 1/2.3 inch CMOS Sensor
| 32 bit MIPS Processor | Unrivaled Specs and Performance

Fast, Efficient Just 2sec/page (continuously)

Ultra-fast scanning speed from Aura’s high configuration software. Only 2sec/page for both single sheets and double page books.

he Aura emits three “Class 1 Safety” laser lines while scanning. These disappear once scanning is complete

Scan Anything Up to A3 in Size

Scan up to A3 in size for single sheets. Scan anything from documents, drawings, contracts and notes to newspapers, books and photo

AI Text Recognition High Accuracy and Editable Formats

The Aura’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software can convert captured JPG images into editable Word, Excel or PDF formats. The OCR software supports more than 180 languages.

Intelligent Technology: Auto-Detect Page Turn and Auto Scan

Intelligent software auto-detects page turn and can trigger scan automatically for effortless scanning.
The convenient foot pedal can also be used to trigger scanning, while it frees your hands.

Preview Screen Shows Scanning in Real Time

2 inch viewing screen shows scan preview in real time to ensure image to be scanned is within the scanning frame. More efficient scanning, less error.

User-Friendly Software Interface Smart Design, Simple to Use

Auto Color Optimization | Combine All Images into One PDF | Adjust Contrast and Color Tone | Reduce Image Noise |
Many Other Professional Photo Editing Features

Auto Background Color

Combine All Images
into One PDF

Batch Adjust Contrast
and Color Tone

Auto Reduce
Image Noise

More Than
Just a Scanner
Aura Doubles
as a Smart,
Desk Lamp

By default, the Aura will be
in lamp mode when plugged in.
Explore and enjoy all of the
Aura’s powerful features
as your day unfolds.

Light Settings
  • Dual color temperature LEDs prevent
    eye fatigue
  • 32 low-power consumption LEDs for
    low heat generation and extended LED
  • 9V / 1.5A low-voltage DC means lower
    energy consumption and completely
    safe to use
  • Light is evenly distributed over the A3
    scanning area
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index): RA ≈ 85
    for a soft, glare-free, high quality light

soft, glare-
free light

low power
consumption LEDs

low-voltage DC


Four Color Modes for both Office and Family use Six Brightness Levels Natural 

Smart, Sound-Controlled Lamp

No requirement to configure for use with Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth connection as you can use your smartphone
sound wave function to simulate the control frequency.

Light Mode (color temperature 4800K) | Reading Light Mode (color temperature 4000K)
| Computer Mode (color temperature 3000K) | Smart Lighting Mode at Night

Intuitive Night Light Mode

When in Intuitive Night Light Mode, and you wake up or your children start to cry, the Aura will
gradually brighten according to the sound levels in your surroundings. When you are ready to
sleep again and the sounds quieten, the lights will automatically dim.

Design Ingenuity Practical, Functional Form

        • Classic, Multi-Function Knob Design
          Long press to turn on and off; short press to toggle between scanning and lamp modes;
          turn dial to adjust brightness when in lamp mode.
        • Recessed Plug and Cable Interface
          Saves space, protects connections and neatens the look.
        • Collapsible Design
          The vertical folded design allows for the Aura to be hung on a wall for ease of storage, or to be
          easily transported with the U-shaped handle.

The Aura Helps You Create, Scan and Store
All Your Work at the Comfort of Your Desk

  • The Aura’s customized and environmentally-friendly Leather desk pad creates a smooth
    and comfortable surface for your hands, your mouse and to spread out your work.
  • The desk pad’s soft and smooth surface protects your work from desk blemishes,
    is comfortable to write on, and prevents ink spread when stamping.
  • The non-slip, rubber-like material ensures accurate mouse control and optimal mouse movement.
Don’t want to faff around with power cables? Then
Aura X pro is the perfect option for you. This model may
look the same as Aura Pro but is the best gadget to take
with you on your journey.
With a built-in 3000 mAh battery, it can last at least
100 minutes while multiple scanning projects without

Technical Specifications

All CZUR Smart Scanner software is temporary on Beta version in supporting MacOS 12 (Monterey). Check here for your beta software download.